How To Deal With A Recession As A Day Trader

Strategies and Tips for Thriving in the Turbulent Waters of Recessionary Markets


The current economic environment has obviously seen ramped-up inflation resulting in dramatically increasing interest rates.

The Federal Open Market Committee in an effort to curb those inflationary pressures has had a strong depressing effect on various sectors of the economy that has caused an increase in stock market pressures and volatility.

Although this increase in volatility has made trading more difficult because of the increase in market swings creating whipsaws, it has nonetheless resulted in an excellent short-term trading environment that has opened up many more day and swing trading opportunities for technically oriented traders.

Traders will need to educate themselves and be familiar and knowledgeable with the hedging opportunities in options or ETFs and well-placed stop loss orders that offer protection and opportunity to flourish in bear phases.

This is a must, but you need to be able to recognize when these instruments are needed, not only to avoid negative phases in the markets and protect your trading capital but to take advantage of them to profit from trading on the short side

In such a trading environment discipline and focus are a must, as traders might be prone to make emotional decisions based solely on news or on the market’s sharp roller coaster swings The only way to avoid being pulled into the emotional side, which often causes fear to take over, is to focus on the technical signals and indicators to guide you through those emotional periods

Precise technical analysis, if followed with such focus and discipline will enable you to generate day and swing trading profits regardless of the market conditions or negative pressures. Whether it’s a bull market surging to new heights or a recessionary-generated bear market with uncertainty, the precise analysis and focus of technical strategies can consistently deliver exceptionally high returns. This capacity to thrive in any market is the defining trait of a truly knowledgeable and disciplined trader.

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Harry Boxer

CEO & FOUNDER of TheTechTrader.com
Veteran Stock Trader, Analyst & Acclaimed Author

Harry Boxer is the CEO & Founder of The Tech Trader, 50-year Market Veteran, Analyst & Author

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